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The staff at Abrams Insurance Services have over

20 years experience in the placing of marine cargo insurance.

We have built up a solid reputation in this market and deal with the worlds finest insurers in this sector. This enables us to give your business in Stoughton, Surrey the best possible quotation we can in the quickest of time.

We are able to cover goods of any description going to anywhere in the world including high risk cargo and/or high risk destinations. We can cover you for single shipments through to annual policies and project cargo shipments.

We also offer remuneration to freight forwarders in Stoughton, Surrey that refer business into us and can also offer open cargo covers to freight forwarders of any size – this enables you to issue your own policies online – please ask for further details.

The importance of Marine Cargo Cover and the General Average Clause:

Marine Cargo Insurance doesn’t just cover sea cargo but also applies to goods being sent by air, road and rail.

General Average relates only to sea freight. General Average covers the instance where damage or loss of certain goods occurs (Such as being thrown overboard) so that the remaining cargo and voyage are saved. Owners of the cargo that is saved have a legal liability to contribute between them to cover the loss of the damaged cargo and this can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is automatically included in all of our policies.
It’s also important to bear in mind that there are different levels of cover and a handy table has been compiled below:

RISKS Institute Cargo Clauses
Proximate Cause A B C
Stranding, Grounding, Sinking or Capsizing Yes Yes Yes
Overturning or Derailment of Land Conveyance Yes Yes Yes
Collision of Ship or Craft with another Ship or Craft Yes Yes Yes
Contact of Ship, Craft or Conveyance with anything other than Ship or Craft (excludes Water but not Ice) Yes Yes Yes
Discharge of Cargo at Port of Distress Yes Yes Yes
Fire or Explosion Yes Yes Yes
Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption or Lightning Yes Yes No
Malicious Damage Yes No No
Theft/Pilferage Yes No No
General Average Sacrifice Yes Yes Yes
Jettison Yes Yes Yes
Washing Overboard (deck cargo) Yes Yes No
Seawater entering Ship, Craft, Hold, Conveyance Container Lift Van or Place of Storage Yes Yes No
River or Lake Water entering same Yes Yes No
Loss overboard during Loading/Discharge (total loss only) Yes Yes No
Any risks of physical loss or damage not specified Yes No No

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